About Us

What is Star-Runners?

Star-runners is a premium, reliable, on-demand pickup and delivery service. We bring your personal and expensive items closer to you at low delivery prices. You need something urgently but don't want to be stuck in Delhi/NCR rain, heat, cold and traffic? We are here to help you. Our premium services provide you convenience at your door-step. We save your time that you can use for other important things. We are the best in business when it comes to reliability. We are here to ease up your lives in the best possible way!

Our Mission

Star-Runners' mission is to become the on-demand delivery infrastructure for every major city in India.

Why you need to choose us?

Logistics Support for your Business: Sign up for our membership plans and you would get premium personalized pick-up and delivery services for your business at lowest possible prices.

Convenience: As an individual customer if you need someone to pick up and deliver your personal items somewhere, then we would be able to help you in the best possible ways. Your expensive items will be safely delivered to the destination.

Safety and Insurance: We will not only save your time for travelling but also provide you safety and insurance for your expensive items, while delivering. We are best in the business when it comes to reliability. We are here to ease up your lives in the best possible way by providing weather proof packaging for your items!

Our Vision

Star-Runners' vision is to alliance with major retailers to provide exclusive on-demand delivery options in India along with hyper-local deliveries.

How can you place a service request with us?

First, give us a call or SMS at +917065240202 or mail us at info@star-runners.com with pick-up location and delivery location details as address/contact person mobile for pricing details.

You can also directly fill the request form on our website www.star-runners.com in Launch us section.

Second, we will send our runner at pick up location. He will pick-up the item(s) and keep it safely in his weather-proof box.

Finally we will deliver your item at drop-off location for which you can pay by cash-on-delivery either at pick-up or drop-off location as suitable. You can also pay via PayU gateways before the delivery.

Our Team

Star-Runners is built by a passionate team of engineers, designers, operations and growth specialists, and is located in South Delhi, India. The company was founded by Nidhi Luthra with the family advisory from IIT-Mumbai Alumni - Nishant Bhasin and IIT-Delhi Alumni Mr. K C Bhasin.

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