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How do we support Small/Medium Businesses and Our Retail Clients?

We completely understand how difficult it is for small and medium businesses to manage in-house pickup/delivery team in addition to their main stream product/services. It is not an easy affaire for their driver or delivery boy(s) to drive through crazy traffic jams, spending 4-5 hours to and fro customer’s location sounds extremely awful. Things become more difficult when they have limited delivery boys and too many customer deliveries! Star Runners would be delighted to solve their logistics problems via our expert runners and StarR support team! They can and have been vow-fully leaving their customer deliveries on us; we take care of these deliveries and serve small and medium businesses/retailers successfully.

If you are a business or a retailer, you can sign up with us for monthly or quarterly membership to avail delivery support at discounted rates and getting our runners on priority basis, that can save you from spending endlessly on your delivery jobs. Nevertheless, you can place orders on non-member rates on need-to-need basis, which are lowest possible rates in the whole industry.

We majorly provide logistics support to Fashion and Accessory designers to transfer their items to and from their customers and their workshops. We are associated with many designer brands and fashion boutiques through-out Delhi/NCR and have recently started supporting Online Fashion Retailers and School Uniform/Stationary suppliers to deliver their items from their warehouses to their customers.

Star-Runners delivers premium items/groceries to Hotels and Executive Apartments in and around Delhi/NCR area. We are partner of choice for IBIS hotel near Delhi International Airport and we provide frequent deliveries for offices at Le Meridien hotel, Connaught Place.

We provide pick-up and delivery support to Premium Bakeries in South and Central Delhi for delivering breads, cakes, pastries and other bakery items to their customers.

Star-Runners is also supporting more than 55 women entrepreneurs who are organic products and milk manufacturers, kids art & craft manufacturers, health and beauty manufacturers and handloom/cottage entrepreneurs in Delhi/NCR. We have customized our delivery structures as per their needs to support them though-out their value-chains. We have successfully completed thousands of bulk-deliveries for theses businesses in Delhi and NCR regions.

We have been receiving lot of encouragement and appreciation for such assignments and all our clients are extremely delightful to have our services. We would also wish to make a difference for our clients further by providing them more value-added services.

How do we support Individual customers?

Way back in the beginning of last year we partners (at StarR) realized that everyone around us was facing problems with the logistics in some way or the other, while transferring their regular as well as exclusive items. It was completely cumbersome to pick dry-cleaning clothes, altered outfits, documents to and from Insurance agent and, dropping cash/cheque in the bank on regular and urgent basis; if you have a car or a driver then that still sounds fine but if you don’t have a driver or a car and you have to drive all the way to do these jobs sounds horrible!

Star-Runners provide Pick-up and Delivery support for your premium expensive and exclusive items. It could be your expensive clothes from your laundry or dry-cleaners, your Designer Outfit from fashion boutique, or it could be your Wedding Gown or Lehenga or Sherwani from your designers.

We generally don’t pick and deliver kirana or groceries unless it’s on urgent basis. However, if you want us to pick premium groceries as special condiments, organic or any other special groceries for cooking Multi-Cuisine food (for which we guarantee 30% less than market price), we will provide regular pick/delivery services.

Moreover, we provide delivery for Bakery Items as bread, pastries, special delights and cakes from Premium Bakery shops (as per Zomato’s 5-star ratings) only. We also provide pick-up/delivery for food from 5-star hotel restaurants. During festivals, we can also pick-up and deliver sweets/mithai from local shops or renowned shops as Haldiram or Bikanerwala.

Especially for coffee lovers, we delightfully announce that we pick-up and deliver your favorite coffee from Starbucks, Barista, Dunkin or your favorite coffee shop.

We can get you last minute school supplies and stationary or your urgent documents from banks or offices. We also pick and deliver baby items as milk, fruits, vegetables, diaper, clothes and baby food on urgent basis.

So, if you need a last minute personal runner, we would be your right choice as our mission is to help people by providing them extensive support with their logistics. We can help you in any way and many ways.Example: if you have forgot to pick something at the last moment and have to catch a flight in 2 hours, just call us at +91 7065240202 for pickup/delivery service. We will make sure that we pick-up this item for you and deliver either to your hotel or directly at airport. We won't let you miss your flight!

There are infinite ways in which Star-Runners has been helping people to ease up their lives, provide them professional expertise on delivery and save them from spending extensively on their logistics. You just need to call us or email us your requirements and we will immediately get on to it!

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